About the BioREFS Program

We know that working in a biology lab can lead to a number of unique stresses. The BioREFS (Resource for Easing Friction and Stress) are here to provide MIT’s biology community with an independent resource to support, encourage, diffuse, and mediate during times of stress. As a group of MIT Biology graduate students and we are here to listen to you in one-on-one conversations and to act as sounding boards so you can explore your options, get opinions or to just vent. We can also help with conflicts between two parties, be they student-student, or student-faculty. We are not here to judge you or tell you what to do, but we will do the best to help you consider your options and to provide direction.

We have received formal training in mediation by MIT. Interactions with us in a REFS capacity will be kept confidential. (The only case where we are considered a private resource and not strictly confidential is if a non-graduate-student member of the Biology community brings a Title IX violation to our attention, in which case we are obliged to report the incident to MIT’s Title IX office, but no one else. If you are curious about what this means in practice, we can fully explain prior to any disclosure you make.) If we’re unable to help then we can also help to direct you to other resources available at MIT.

Contact us at “biorefs at mit.edu” to set up a meeting or you can contact us individually. (note: Since email is not confidential please wait until you meet with us to tell us anything you need kept confidential)

October 28, 2010 |