Contacting the BioREFS

There are lots of ways to contact the BioREFS.

If you happen to see us in the hall or at an event then feel free to stop us and ask to chat sometime!

You can email any of us individually. Just click our picture and you’ll be taken to our profile with our email address!

You can also email us at biorefsatmitdotedu

Any conversation that we take on in a BioREFS capacity are confidential, so come chat with us about what’s on your mind!

Current BioREFS


Sara Dubbury laura Robert Erdmann
Sara Dubbury Laura Frawley Robert Erdmann
Holly Johnsen Izarys Rivera
Holly Johnsen Izarys Rivera



Former BioREFS

Josh Arribere
Lourdes Aleman(co-founder)
Josh Arribere
Brian Chin
Michael Goldberg
Ellie Graeden(co-founder)
Amy Hansen
Jenifer Kaplan Simona
Calvin Jan
Jenifer Kaplan
Simona Nedelcu
Eveline Steine
Shankar Sundar
Kevin Wang
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