BioREFS are recruiting!

The BioREFS are recruiting again! Are you an MIT Biology graduate student or post-doc interested in helping support the greater MIT Biology community?

If so, please consider joining the BioREFS!

We are currently accepting applications for new members. Deadline for applications is My 15th, 5pm. Mediation training sessions will be held in June 2011 (please check the following link for the specific dates:

The BioREFS are biology graduate students and post-docs who serve as an informal – yet confidential – resource for anyone affiliated with the department. Our goal is to be a confidential sounding board for anyone who needs to talk (or write). We primarily help people work through solutions for personal conflicts within labs, with advisors, or between friends, but are available as a resource for any issues affecting members of the MIT Biology community.

Requirements: An active interest in promoting a positive and supportive environment for the MIT Biology community, a one week mediation training course at MIT (provided by the BioREFS), and a commitment of approximately 5 hours a month on BioREFS-related activities.

You can download an application here “BioREFS application” and it is also available in the Biology Education office. It can be returned either by email ( or in person to any one of the current BioREFS. Feel free to email us or catch one of us in the hall if you have any questions.

Please, pass on this information to anyone who you think might be interested!

We’re looking forward to reading your applications!